Air Conditioning Noises to Listen for

You know your Air Conditioning is starting to age if you start to hear strange noises; if you hear any of the noises below, please make no hesitation in calling Weber and Grahn to check out your A/C system.


There is a particular friction to run your air conditioning system which will eventually wear out. What you’re currently hearing if so are the bearings from the air handler motor.

Squealing or Screeching

No that is not a black cat; it’s your air conditioner and that screeching is most likely due to an old belt or bearings. If the problem is not resolved immediately it can break causing the blower in your system to become a problem for the motor and leading to a bigger problem.


Is that a fast smacking you hear? No, they aren’t sound effects; it just means there is something trapped in between the┬áblades. Though it does not sound like a big problem it can ruin the motor, whatever may be caught.

Rattling/ Clanking

There is a difference between the smacking vs rattling/clanking. The Rattling and clanking is a clear indication that usually means there is something look in the motor or blower assembly. At Weber and Grahn we recommend you to shut the system off and call us immediately to inspect before there’s even more damage.


Granted if you hear any noises from your unit, call Weber and Grahn Heating and Air Conditioning at 631-728-1166 and our service department will make sure to get someone over as soon as possible!