Furnaces in Islip, Riverhead, Southampton, and all the Surrounding Areas

With winter around the corner, there is nothing more important than a residential heating system. We, at Weber & Grahn, know that it is important to be well aware of the characteristics of different types of furnaces before opting to buy one. Our experienced technicians use the state-of-art equipment and technology to build the latest HVAC, to provide you more comfort with less energy consumption. Being a locally owned company, we are well aware of the weather conditions in the neighborhood and thus can provide you with the right type of heating system.  Over the last 5 decades, we have slowly built our reputation by providing prompt service with high-level precision, professionalism, and integrity. Whether it is installing a new system or repairing an existing one, we approach each project with equal dedication. Since customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, our consultants take their time to educate you about the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings and provide you with all other information that tells you how efficient a particular furnace will be.  

Furnaces in Islip, Riverhead, Southampton

Below we have mentioned 2 main things to consider while buying a furnace. Take a look. 

  • Programmable Thermostat 

Programming your system makes it easier to regulate the temperature at night. Lowering your thermostat during an 8-hour period can considerably reduce your heating bill. Thus thermostat not only boosts the efficiency of your equipment but also saves on the bill. 


  • Zoning 

This is yet another way to improve the efficiency of your machine. By creating different zones in your house you can control the temperature in those areas independently. In this way, the load on the system also reduces, and you also don’t have to pay to heat the areas which are not in use. There are typically two or three zones created normally.  


So, the people of East Hampton, Islip, Riverhead, Smithtown, Southampton, and Westhampton can schedule a service appointment by getting in touch with us.