HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance.. and so does mans best friend; with these tips and tricks, you will be able to keep both on a schedule that will keep your pets and HVAC system safe and run smoothly

First things first, change out your filters! Pet hair and dander build up which eventually blocks air flow and can damage your equipment. Filters need to be changed regularly that is why it is important to have Weber & Grahn come and change your filters twice a year or more often if you have multiple pets with long hair.

Next thing to consider is to protect your outside unit. Having a furry and adventurous friend roaming the yard at free reign with your unprotected unit, they can likely find this as a marking zone; yes pet urine can, in fact, damage your system or even worse they can get hurt. So securing your unit by blocking or fencing it in will keep everything safe and sound.

Also, something else to consider, cleanliness. Constantly vacuuming and keep your furry friends clean will make your life a lot easier when it comes to dander lingering around the house.  Yes, it may be considered common sense to vacuum your home as much as possible but at Weber & Grahn we’re always looking out for comfort.

Finally, Secure all electrical wires or cords that are visible. These are extremely dangerous since Pets can at time shave a tendency to chew. Enclosing all electrical wires in conduits.


At Weber & Grahn our clients are always our number one priority!