Refrigeration in Smithtown, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southampton, Hamptons, and Nearby Cities

If you are a person who has an exquisite wine collection, then that deserves a safe and secure showcase. You should opt for such a refrigeration unit that has a large temperature-controlled storage space so that you don’t have any space crunch in the future. At Weber & Grahn A/C & Heat, we have exactly what you need. We even have other options for short-term storage and frequent entertainment. Whatever might be your requirement, we can provide a stylish wine system that will fit almost any decor of a house. For the people of Smithtown, Riverhead, Islip, East Hampton, Southampton, and Hamptons we can even create a custom wine room with optimum temperature control systems.

Refrigeration in Smithtown, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southampton, Hamptons

Below we have mentioned 3 vital factors to keep in mind while installing a refrigeration system.

  • Ventilation

 While determining the installation procedure you have to keep in mind the ventilation system off your unit. Depending on whether it has front ventilation or not you can keep it under a counter or out there on its own.

  • Do not overload

You always have to keep in mind not to overload your refrigerator.  If it is overloaded your unit might stop being functional after a few days. In order to avoid any mishaps, it is always better to order a size larger than required rather than trying to force your bottles of a varied collection into one particular wine refrigerator. Maintaining the capacity of your refrigerator will ensure that your bottles are cooled properly and are ready to serve.

  • Occasional cleaning

For the optimal functioning of your unit, you should regularly clean it. This prevents the build-up of Frost or moisture that is quite common in any refrigeration unit. Make sure to disconnect the power before starting the cleaning process and keep all the things in the refrigerator in a cool dark place.

So, if you want to discuss various refrigeration options, you can contact us at 631-728-1166.