4 Tips for a Cooler Home this Summer

1.) Keep Your Blinds Closed or Invest in Blackout Curtains:

30 % of unwanted heat comes from your windows. Utilizing shades, curtains and blinds can save up to 7% on energy bills and lower the indoor temperatures. Blackout curtains can naturally insulate your room as well.

2.) Turn on your Bathroom & Kitchen Fans:

Take full advantage of these machines! They’re designed to pull hot air out of the occupied rooms. Once you’re finished showering or cooking, leave the machine on! Leaving the fans on will keep the hot air circulating through your home.

 3.) Get rid of your Incandescent Lights 

Incandescent Lights can waste about 90% of their energy in the heat they put out. Switching to CFL’s or compact fluorescent lights can eliminate unwanted heat in your home.Both of the new bulbs are energy savers and will give off significantly less heat.

 4.) Rotate your Ceiling Fan to Counter-Clockwise:

During the summer this is the most important chore you should do IF  you have ceiling fans. During the warmer months you want the fan to blow the air straight down; rotating your fan to this specific direction of counter-clockwise will keep your rooms cooler. The warmer it is the higher of the speed the fan can be and cooler the room will get.