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Control your home environment wherever you are.

The Comfort of Knowing Weber & Grahn
Did you turn the heat down? You don’t have to be home to make sure. In fact, with an internet thermostat, you don’t have to be home to change the temperature in your home.  Weber & Grahn can install internet thermostats that put the power of climate control at your fingertips wherever you are.

These amazing devices make it simple to:

  • Shut off your home’s air conditioning system AFTER you leave your home.
  • Tell the thermostat to postpone cooling or heating your home if you’re going to be away longer than expected.
  • Monitor your home’s temperature for any reason at any time…from any location.
  • Adjust the thermostat from whatever room you’re in rather than walking over to the thermostat.

Using technology you already own

You realize you’re going to be later than you thought so from your computer you remotely delay the programmed cooling or heating setting at home. Once home, you’ve settled in but aren’t quite happy with the room temperature. No need to go to the thermostat, just use your tablet or smart phone to change the temperature.

Use your computer, smartphone or your tablet to change, monitor or shut down your heating and cooling system from anywhere at any time.

Secure, Safe and Smart Access

Home security is an integral part of the design of today’s Internet Thermostats. You will have a password-protected network that eliminates any possible unauthorized access to your system. Weber & Grahn takes your privacy and your security seriously.

Before you Call For Service:

Weber & Grahn is happy to provide the professional service you need…but we also want to ensure you don’t pay for a repair visit that isn’t absolutely necessary. That’s why we’re asking you to review this Internet Thermostat Checklist BEFORE calling us. Save time, money and frustration with this handy checklist. DON’T WORRY: Once you’ve reviewed the checklist, if you still need us, call us and we’ll be there!

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