The History of Weber & Grahn

For 50 years, Weber & Grahn has gained the distinctive reputation for quality air conditioning and heating systems. We design, install, and service central air systems capable of maintaining optimum climate control, while keeping in mind the aesthetics and the acoustics of the system. Weber & Grahn is known as the Gold Standard of HVAC.

Weber & Grahn grew along with the development of the East End.

These high standards were set by two Naval Officers, Fred Weber (USS Champlin) & Eric Grahn (USS Rankin). These bright and talented engineers were highly sought after following their service to our country. Fred Weber, a Stevens Institute of Technology graduate, became a Professional Engineer. He worked for Babcock & Wilcox Co. and Foster Wheeler Corp. in New York City. Fred held several patents in boiler design. Eric Grahn went to the United States Merchant Marine Academy and worked as a Research and Development Engineer for the Carrier Corporation in Syracuse. Eric, who was also a licensed Master Electrician and Master Plumber, was recruited by Carlton Stuart ( a Carrier distributor) to help develop the blossoming HVAC market. Eric would consult with Fred on various projects and they mutually admired each other’s knowledge of HVAC. They saw where the future of HVAC going and decided to change course. They merged their talents and dropped their anchor in the Hamptons. On October 21, 1968, Weber & Grahn Conditioning Corp. was born.

Fred and Eric were certainly HVAC visionaries. Their designs and applications have changed the industry. They had the ability to achieve sophisticated design requirements that architects and homeowners desired. You might think geothermal heat pumps or ductless split systems are new technologies. But they really are not. Weber & Grahn began designing and installing FHP/Bosch geothermal systems in 1985 when clients were seeking quiet, unobtrusive systems. The byproduct was super high efficiency. We started installing Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump systems in 1989 to provide quiet, efficient, and affordable systems in lieu of thru the wall air conditioning systems, with the additional benefit of heat. Today, we are the leader in the installation of internet thermostats like Nest and Honeywell.

In 1982, to support their growing HVAC Design/Build company, W&G Service Company was created. Over the years W&G has developed many highly talented NATE Certified Technicians. Today, W&G Service, in its own right, is known as the premier HVAC/R service company on Eastern Long Island. When it comes to your air conditioning and heating equipment warranty service, even if our company didn’t install it, W&G Service is a trusted warranty service provider for most manufacturers. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer assistance for our clients.

Weber & Grahn and W&G Service: The premier HVAC company on the East End of Long Island

Over the years Weber & Grahn has collaborated with world renowned architects and the finest builders to create awe inspiring showcase homes in the Hamptons. Today, our capabilities include engineering, CAD drawings, and installation services for HVAC Design/Build systems for all types of residential and commercial structures. Be it a need for stringent indoor pool dehumidification requirements, or create custom wine rooms that maintain optimum climate control, or “State of the Art” HVAC control systems, Weber & Grahn has extensive experience. Alternatively, when budgets are a great concern, we have the ability to value engineer the project. We can tailor designs to meet all of our clients’ needs without compromising quality. We pride ourselves in our excellent engineering, superior workmanship, and the prompt, courteous service.

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