Refrigeration in Smithtown, East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton, and Nearby Cities

If you are running a grocery store, warehouse, or restaurant business, you would be needing a freezer or a cooler that will run 24/7 and provide the same amount of cooling always. At Weber and Grahn, we have built quite a name for ourselves in designing, installing, and repairing your heating and cooling systems. We have always believed in reducing not only the energy bills but also carbon footprint while manufacturing our refrigeration equipment. Beat us, you will always enjoy a spot on service and maintenance services for any emergencies even if we did not install your system. We always have a fleet of stocked up computerized service vans which allows us to provide fast and dependable services to our customers.  our men can also provide a wine refrigeration system and wine rooms maintained at an optimum temperature which has been an increasing demand from our dedicated wine collectors of Smithtown, East Hampton, Westhampton, Islip, Southampton, and Riverhead.

Refrigeration in Smithtown, East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton, and Nearby Cities

Below we have mentioned 2 benefits of using energy-efficient refrigeration methods. Take a look.

  1. Increased energy savings

With the continuous evolvement of technology, newer equipment requires less energy to cool your contents in the refrigerator. This not only increases the efficiency of your unit but also lowers your monthly utility bills considerably.  With some of the equipment, you can also avail several energy-efficient rebates and further save your money.

  1. Extended life expectancy

There are several upgraded versions of these latest energy-efficient refrigerators in the market. Do they are expensive to install and install them is it a time-consuming process, this equipment will provide you with cost-effective solutions with longer life expectancy in the long run.

So, if you are looking for new and improved refrigeration methods, you can give us a call at 631- 728- 1166.